Orchard Gomez was born into a business family. He grew up in a spacious house on the outskirts of Oranjestad, where he witnessed his parents’ frequent fights due to infidelity. The many arguments resulted in repeatedly slammed doors and far too many broken dishes.
For a child, observing such events was traumatic, but they gave Orchard the motivation to want to help others. Because of his mother’s experience as a therapist and his love of talking to her, he developed a strong desire to help others. Thanks to his mother’s teachings, he gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. Yet it was only after two decades of cleansing himself of his unwanted feelings that he realized how unique his knowledge was, and he set out to share it with others.
Orchard soon realized that his desire to relieve others’ suffering was actually an attempt to relieve his own. He began studying miracle cures in earnest when he was 15 years old. Out of curiosity, he read Physical Immortality by Leonard Orr and then learned to reduce negativity by processing his thoughts and feelings. He subsequently dedicated himself to healing his emotional mind and hasn’t looked back since.
Orchard discovered how to calm his untamed mind and remove unwanted feelings as a client. Soon after graduating from college, he was working in a position for which he was overqualified and was in a relationship that was not conducive to his happiness. In addition to lacking emotional fitness, he had started an unsuccessful business.
After being treated by a series of energy healers for his depression, his outlook improved. He quit his job, ended his unhappy relationship, worked out, and eventually started dating again.
Today he provides free healing services for both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence in order to reduce suffering for the children affected by this violence. He has invented various cleansing and healing processes, including indoor air wash, memory processing, personality editing, modern fire wash, and tech-assisted sound cleaning. In addition, he is certified as a healer by Christian Mickelson.
Orchard believes good health starts with feeling good. His mission is to ensure that everyone feels great about themselves, and the best way to accomplish this mission is to teach others how to achieve it on their own.

As more people do this, the healthier and more peaceful the world will be.